Every morning in Brighton, a most unusual gang holds their morning meeting. Instead of coffee and donuts, they opt for the frigid water of the English Channel.

The current temperature is about 59ºF. But if you show up in the dead of winter -- water temperature 46ºF -- the Brighton Swim Club will still be meeting.

Rad Gear: Not a Wheelchair

I often (read always) take my two healthy legs for granted. Hiking and walking in tough environments is relatively easy for me.

The USA has made great strides to make our cities and buildings accessible. But what about our great outdoors? The answer lies in the marriage of a paralyzed adventurer and a super handy YouTuber.

Zack Nelson -- creator of the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel -- built the ultimate off road vehicle for his wife. Whatever you call it, it's definitely not a wheelchair.

No Mo Slow Mo

Action sports videos often have gratuitous amounts of slow motion. It's super cool, but it tends to make viewers forget just how impressive these athletes really are.

You can probably hold your breath for the length of this video. And with how fast Brandon Semenuk's going, you might not even realize it. Watch it - 90 seconds

Patriotic Booty

Except instead of pirating it from innocent ships, you get it at outrageous (yet still legal) discounts. I've put together a list of the 29 best Fourth of July deals for outdoor lovers like you. Check the Deals

Outside News

4x4: A British petroleum company revealed a new SUV. Car and Driver

Green: Vail Resorts announced a huge step towards 100% clean energy today. Their goal is 100% clean energy by 2030. Vail Blog

Encouraging: While retailers are declaring bankruptcy left and right, LL Bean announced plans to open three new stores in Canada. LL Bean Blog

Live from the wild

Thailand isn't on many climbers' radar. But it should be.

Location: Tonsai Beach, Thailand
Camera: @huchenme

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